Old and new trends

Web design trends are changing rapidly every year. It can be difficult to follow this, so we wrote this text to help you navigate the trends of 2020.

Talking about professional web design and watching how trends replace each other, we have the opportunity to see how designers reinvent styles, how long-forgotten elements appear again, but in a revised form. Experiments in web design don’t always lead to something radically new, it’s also a rethinking of the old.

Everything is changing rapidly, but even in a turbulent stream of new finds, there are things that don’t change. For example, flat drawings still remain popular and are used on a large number of websites. Minimalist design is also liked by many users and this isn’t even going to disappear. Visit Get The Clicks at their local office and meet with one of their web design experts in person. Let’s see what else will be popular in 2020.

Trend 1. Dark mode

Dark mode

No doubt, web design in dark mode looks ultramodern, attractive and even luxurious. If you want to emphasize the status of your product or service, then you definitely need to pay attention to the dark mode.

Did you know that the dark mode has appeared in order to save the energy of your smartphone? But this is really true. The dark mode really saves your battery, is better suited for OLED screens, and even increase the life of the screen. It’s rare when such a practical utility can be so beautiful and attractive. But it is precisely all these positive qualities that have been combined in the dark.

In 2020, the dark mode will be popular in conjunction with bright neons. This combination will become very trendy in 2020.

Have you tried the dark mode? It’s time to try!

Trend 2. Imperfections that add personality

You have probably noticed how many imperfect, hand-drawn elements are found in modern web design. These little things give more personality to websites that suffer from the same type of grid. And even when designers try to get rid of grids, it still doesn’t always turn out to be something unique, because there are not so many methods to deal with the rules. That is why in 2020, web design details that are full of imperfections become popular. As mentioned above, these imperfect details give uniqueness and especially when it comes to sites of the same type, and therefore it becomes a trend.

Such imperfect web design details will help you:

  • emphasize the identity of your brand;
  • stand out among competitors;
  • add positive to your site;
  • attract the attention of users.

And this is far from a complete list. Imperfect design details become truly trendy. More and more designers are using this in their work. Maybe it’s time to use this on your site.

Trend 3. Immersive 3D elements

Immersive 3D elements

3D elements Have long been in trend. Nothing indicates that 3D elements will become unpopular. On the contrary, they only strengthen in their position. In 2020, they will become even more popular. But it will also be important that 3D elements will become even more realistic.

Previously, this technology was not available to everyone, due to the fact that it cost a lot of money. But every year it becomes more accessible. The more accessible 3D becomes, the more experiments take place in this area, and accordingly this technology becomes only even more popular.

3D design keeps users on the site like nothing else. Use 3D technology in your website to attract as many users as possible. Your income depends on your traffic. Do not limit your income, use 3D.

Trend 4. Mixing photography with graphics

Overlaying original graphics on top of real photos creates an unforgettable visual effect that allows your creativity to grow. Try this approach and you’ll be surprised how much it attracts users.

This technique resembles a collage. The effect is amazing. It looks fashionable, modern. Therefore, this technique becomes trendy in 2020.

This technique is ideal for sites whose purpose is to convey abstract concepts to the audience. You can use this especially well if your site is dedicated to modern technology, science, fashion. The result will pleasantly surprise not only you, but also your users.

Make sure that the style of photos and graphic illustrations suits your brand as much as possible, reflects its essence, mood, message.

This trick will add some mystery and charm to your brand. Use this if you aren’t afraid to be stylish.

Trendy 5. Ultra-minimalist navigation

Ultra-minimalist navigation

Minimalism in design is becoming more and more popular. This is due not only to the beauty that is inherent in minimalistic websites, but also to the fact that more and more people use smart watches. It also has its effect. Design becomes more functional, simple, convenient. The modern user does not need to choose between beauty and convenience, he wants everything at once. Minimalism gives him that.

Minimalistic sites are mostly intuitive. The user spends time immersed in the site. He does not need to think how to go to another page, because here everything is simple and clear. The beauty that minimalism gives you remains in the trends of 2020, and maybe for the next few years.

Web trends that await you

There are a lot of trends. Those that were listed in this article are the most basic. Whatever the trends in 2020, they will still make the Internet only more beautiful and convenient.

If you hav2e a website or are just planning to create one, then you need to constantly monitor web design trends. This will help you lead among your competitors.

Nowadays it’s not enough just to create a website, it still needs to be updated from time to time. This applies not only to content, but also to design. Introduce new items. But make sure that they combine with everything else. Trends are your way to popularity. Trends are an increase in engagement, and therefore an increased chance of doubling, or even tripling, income.