AMOSC is an acronym that has become quite popular online, especially among teens and young adults using social media. But what exactly does AMOSC stand for, and how is it used?

The Meaning of AMOSC

AMOSC stands for “Add Me On SnapChat“. It is commonly used on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., to request that someone add you as a friend on Snapchat.

For example, someone might post “AMOSC: DevDoe777” in their Instagram bio. This is prompting others who come across their profile to add their Snapchat username DevDoe777.

AMOSC is essentially a way to increase one’s Snapchat friends/followers. Some other variations like AMOS (Add Me On Snapchat) are also sometimes used but mean the same thing.

Origins and Popularity

The AMOSC acronym became popular alongside the growth of Snapchat itself. As Snapchat gained more users, people looked for ways to connect with others on the platform. AMOSC provided an easy way for Snapchat users to request adds from others they encountered online.

By including AMOSC in social media profiles, one could broadcast their Snapchat handle to many people at once. The acronym caught on quickly among teens and young adults as a way to quickly build up a Snapchat friends list.

Today AMOSC is widely recognized, especially by Snapchat’s core demographic. Its use continues to be prevalent on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and others.

How AMOSC is Used

Here are some of the common ways AMOSC is used online:

  • In Instagram bios – This is probably the most popular way people use AMOSC. Including it in the bio lets anyone who comes across your Instagram profile know your Snapchat username.
  • In tweets/retweets – People will often tweet out their own AMOSC along with their Snapchat handle to get follows. Retweeting others’ AMOSC tweets can also help gain followers.
  • In YouTube descriptions – Some YouTubers will put their AMOSC in the description to gain Snapchat followers from their video viewers.
  • In TikTok bios – Similar to Instagram, TikTok users will add AMOSC + their Snapchat username to their bio.
  • In forum signatures/profiles – On discussion forums and chat sites, users sometimes add AMOSC + their Snapchat handle to their signature or profile.
  • As a hashtag – Using #AMOSC along with your Snapchat username as a hashtag lets your post appear in searches.
  • In text messages/DMs – Directly messaging someone your AMOSC invite is also common when trying to get specific people to add you on Snapchat.

Why People Use AMOSC

There are a few key reasons why AMOSC has become such a popular tool among social media users:

  • Increasing Snapchat friends – The main appeal of AMOSC is it provides an easy way to get more friends/followers on Snapchat. More Snapchat friends means more views for your stories and posts.
  • Meeting new people – Using AMOSC can help you connect with new people that have similar interests and mutual friends/followers. Snapchat adds often turn into interesting conversations.
  • Promoting your Snapchat – By including AMOSC across your other social profiles it promotes your Snapchat handle and gets more people to add you organically.
  • Joining Snapchat communities – Getting adds via AMOSC can help you join various Snapchat community groups, stories, private channels, etc.

Drawbacks of Using AMOSC

While AMOSC can be effective for getting more Snapchat friends, there are a few potential drawbacks to watch out for:

  • Some people using AMOSC are bots or scammers, so be selective when adding strangers.
  • It can attract unwanted adds/messages if you broadcast your handle too broadly.
  • Snapchat add requests from AMOSC can be overwhelming if you share it with a huge audience.
  • Your Snapchat username may end up being shared more publicly than you’d like.
  • Spammers sometimes abuse AMOSC posts to send unwanted Snaps to people.


AMOSC has clearly become ingrained in the vocabulary of social media, especially among younger demographics. While adding “Add me on Snapchat” to your profiles can be helpful for meeting new people, always use caution when connecting with strangers online. Like any social platform, it’s best to only add people you know and trust. But used properly, AMOSC provides a simple way to increase your Snapchat friends list and connections.