WTM is a popular acronym used on Snapchat that can have different meanings depending on the context. It is most commonly used to mean “What’s The Move,” “What’s The Matter,” or “Whatever That Means.” Understanding the various meanings of WTM can help you effectively communicate on Snapchat.

What Does WTM Mean?

Here are the three primary meanings of WTM on Snapchat and other messaging platforms:

What’s The Move

This is the most common usage of WTM on Snapchat. It is used when making plans or coordinating events with friends. WTM, in this context, means “What are we doing?” or “What’s the plan?”

For example:

  • “WTM tonight? Are we going out?”
  • “I’m bored. WTM this weekend?”
  • “Hey! WTM for Steve’s birthday party?

WTM is a casual way to inquire about the status of plans or gather details about an upcoming event.

What’s The Matter

WTM can also stand for “What’s The Matter” on Snapchat. It is used when checking in on someone to ask if something is wrong or if they need to talk.

For instance:

  • “You seemed upset earlier. WTM?”
  • “I noticed your Snap. WTM? Want to talk?”
  • “Hope you’re okay. WTM?”

In this context, WTM expresses concern for the other person.

Whatever That Means

Finally, WTM may convey “Whatever That Means” on Snapchat. This is used when someone is confused by or disinterested in a previous message.

Some examples:

  • “He said he’s ‘swamped’ at work. WTM”
  • “She started explaining string theory. WTM”
  • “WTM? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Here, WTM indicates annoyance or dismissal of the unclear message.

How to Use WTM on Snapchat

Here are some tips for using WTM effectively on Snapchat:

  • Use “WTM?” by itself when asking about plans. For example, “WTM tonight?”
  • Provide context if using WTM to ask what’s wrong. For instance, “That Snap seemed sad. WTM?”
  • Use WTM in response to a confusing message. For example, “WTM? I don’t understand what you mean.”
  • Only use WTM for its accepted meanings. Don’t use it to mean “Where’s The Money?” for example.
  • Avoid excessive use of WTM and other abbreviations in formal or professional settings.
  • Be aware that WTM has different meanings depending on the context. Don’t assume you know what it means.
  • Use complete sentences and punctuation to avoid miscommunications.

How to Respond to WTM on Snapchat

When someone sends you a WTM message, here are some ways to reply:

If they asked, “What’s The Move?”:

  • Explain your plans or offer suggestions if you have any. For example, “We’re all going to the movies at 8. Wanna come?”
  • Say you’re not sure. For instance, “Not sure yet. WTM later tonight?”
  • Let them know if you don’t have plans. For example, “I’m free. LMK if you WTM.”

If they asked, “What’s The Matter?”

  • Open up about what’s bothering you. For example, “Just stressed about finals. I’ll be ok.”
  • Politely share that you don’t want to discuss it. For instance, “I’m alright, just having an off day. But thanks for checking in!”
  • Assure them you’re fine if nothing is wrong. For example, “All good! Just my typical Snapchat antics.”

If they said, “Whatever That Means”:

  • Apologize if your message was unclear and rephrase or explain.
  • Acknowledge their confusion and move on. For example, “Ha, yeah, that was random. Anyway…”
  • Disregard their response and continue the conversation normally.

Other Important Points About WTM on Snapchat

Here are some final tips about using WTM on Snapchat:

  • WTM is mostly used in casual conversations among friends. Avoid it in formal communications.
  • The meaning can change based on the context, so don’t assume you know what it means.
  • Don’t overuse abbreviations like WTM. Write clearly to avoid misinterpretations.
  • Be familiar with other Snapchat slang like “WYD” (What Are You Doing), “HMU” (Hit Me Up), and “IRL” (In Real Life).
  • Remember that tone and sarcasm don’t always translate electronically. Add context or emoji to reduce confusion.
  • If you’re ever unsure of the meaning, just ask! For example, “What do you mean by WTM?”

So WTM on Snapchat usually means “What’s The Move?”, “What’s The Matter?” or “Whatever That Means,” depending on the context. Use it appropriately among friends, don’t overuse it, and ask for clarification if needed to avoid mix-ups. With the right context, WTM can be a quick and casual way to make plans, check in, or call out confusing messages on Snapchat.