Minecraft is a popular and most selling sandbox video game of all time. Minecraft has 126 million active users worldwide in 2020. Minecraft has OpenGL setting inside the game for making the game smoother and faster on our computer. OpenGL setting reduces the load of rendering in the system by instructing the CPU. There are some bugs and error is also in the Minecraft with OpenGL setting.

What is OpenGL Error 1281?

OpenGL Error 1281 is one of the most common error in Minecraft. OpenGL Error 1281 occurs due to Mods, Java, Graphics card driver and Graphics settings. We can easily fix this error by applying some ways.

How to fix OpenGL Error 1281?

1. Update Graphics Card Driver

OpenGL error 1281 occurs due to your graphics card driver. We need to update our graphics card driver manually for fixing this issue in Minecraft.

Steps to Update the Graphics Driver

For Windows:

  • Go to the manufacturer website.
  • Check for the latest driver.
  • If there is any update available, Install and run it.
  • If there is any problem with the graphics driver, it will be automatically fixed with this steps.

For MAC:

  • Click on the Apple logo.
  • On the Apple Menu, Click on the Software Update.
  • If there is any update available, you can install it. Graphics card driver update will be include in Mac OS X update.

2. Disable Mods of Minecraft

Some players are using a mods for better gaming resolution and experience. Some mods leads to conflict your game and then OpenGL error 1281 occurs due to mods. Here are some steps for solving this problem:

  • Disable all your mods.
  • Check for the problem, if error is solved then try each mod one by one for finding the problem with particular mod.
  • After disabling mod with problem, restart the game.

3. Disable show GL errors

There are an option into Minecraft for showing error, we can disable the showing error with setting options:

Steps for disable of showing GL errors:

  • Go to the Options
  • Go to Video Settings -> Others
  • Find GL Errors & Set it as OFF
  • Save the changes.
  • After updating this setting, error will not show anymore.

4. Update Java in Computer

If there is any problem with java in our computer, we need to update the java for solving the OpenGL Error 1281. Another reason is most off mod are developed with the java, if updated java version is not installed on our computer then it shows the some errors.

Steps for updating java:

  • Go to the Windows Start Button and search for Java.
  • Launch Check for updates, this will open as Java control panel on update tab.
  • Check for updates, click on check now.
  • If any updates are available, Installation will start automatically.
  • After installation, Click on the close tab.
  • Check in the Minecraft for OpenGL error 1281.

5. Update the OptiFine

OptiFine is a mod for boosts FPS and enhance the performance of the game while playing. OptiFine is also the reason for the OpenGL error 1281, to solve this error we need to update the OptiFine.

Steps for updating OptiFine:

  • Go to the OptiFine website.
  • Choose the latest version.
  • Follow the instructions and finish the installation.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Launch Minecraft, if your error has been fixed.
  • Reinstall Minecraft

Reinstalling Minecraft is also a way to solving the OpenGL error 1281, we have to uninstall the Minecraft and reinstall it on our computer.

So, above are some ways for solving an OpenGL error 1281.