Playstation is a popular home video game console developed by Sony computer entertainment. Playstation have more than 80 million users all over the world. However, Playstation users are facing WS-37403-7 error while playing the game after new update, cause of this error some users are not able to load any apps or games in playstation. Here are the some causes & solution for WS-37403-7 error.

Reasons for Error Code “WS-37403-7” on Playstation-4

Outdated Playstation Software

Sometimes, Playstation 4 update has been released, and you might not updated version. In this situation WS-37403-7 error might be generated. So, We have to update the latest version of PS4 software.

How to update PS4 Software?
  • Turn off your PS4 from the Setting.
  • Press and hold Power button until you hear Two beeps.
  • It will display as Connect Dualshock 4 using a USB cable and press the PS button.
  • Connect controller with USB cable and press the Playstation button.
  • Select Update System Software option, Select the Update using Internet option.
  • Click on Next, if system update is available.
  • After complete installation, Go back to Restart PS4 option and select it.

Check for the error WS-37403-7, if it fixed.

Incorrect DNS configuration

Incorrect DNS configuration can be also reason behind the error code “WS-37403-7” on playstation. You have to enter the correct DNS configuration for resolving the error code WS-37403-7 issue.

How to correct DNS configuration?
  • Go to the DNS configuration.
  • Click on the OK and select Refresh.
  • Go to the Setting and select Network.
  • Click on Test Internet Connection option.
  • After Completing Internet Connection Test, Check for Obtain IP address and Internet connection results should be successful.
  • Due to Network error code, Sign in option might be display as Failed.
  • Go back to the network setting page.
  • Click on Set up Internet Connection and then select Custom option.
  • Select Automatic for IP address setting and Do Not Specify for DHCP.
  • Select Manual for DNS Settings.
  • Select Primary Address and set as
  • Select Secondary Address and set as
  • Click on Next.

Now check for the WS-37403-7 error, check if this issue is fixed.

Server Maintenance

Sometimes, Due to maintenance break by Sony for releasing the update causes to WS-37403-7 error and maintenance break also creates temporary connection issue.

So, we need to wait for sometimes. After completing the maintenance break check for the WS-37403-7 error issue, if it has been fixed.

Login again in to the system

We can resolve the WS-37403-7 error code by re-logging in to the Playstation. When we are logged into the console and its network, there are various temporary configuration stored in our account. It contains registration, cache, account information etc. If your data is corrupt and not working properly, due to it error can be generate. To solve, all this problems simply log-in again in to the system.

After re-logging, check for the WS-37403-7 error issue if it has been fixed.

Apply this all the solutions for resolving a WS-37403-7 error code.

Final Words:

Due to WS-37403-7 error code users are not able to load any games or application in Playstation 4. To resolve it above are the some steps and solution for easily fix up WS-37403-7 error issue.


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