YouTube is one of the largest and most popular video-sharing platforms which is used by more than 20 billion users all around the world. Along with the view, YouTube allows users to share videos, education tutorials, video songs, movies, and some other. normally, most of the time it works very well, but sometimes users face issues while watching their favorite videos, movies or tutorials on their PC, laptop or mobile and also on their Smart TV.

Moreover, it is an obvious thing that some users could face errors while visiting YouTube because it has very huge visitors. There are different types of errors such as error 400, error 401, error 404, error 500, error 503 and etc. But, YouTube error 400 is the most common error which is not connected to the YouTube app on your PC, iPhone, Smart TV or Apple TV. And this error is coming from the HTTP protocol. Therefore, in this article, we will state the best solution for resolving YouTube error 400 on your Laptop, PC, and Smart TV.

What Is The YouTube Error 400?

The YouTube Error 400 is relevant to the HTTP protocol such as the other 400 Bad Request Error indicated as an HTTP status code. YouTube Error 400 bad request is HTTP status code which suggests that you have sent a corrupted request to the server. That means when you sent the request to the YouTube server to play a video or anything is incorrect website name or URL, and the server couldn’t understand it.

YouTube Error 400 web

Normally, the YouTube error 400 Android occurs on Web browsers or Android Smartphone in case if you enter the wrong URL in the address bar, Apart from that, you can also get this error when there is a possibility of corrupt website cookies, caches, and files on your device. Here, the solution of “YouTube error 400 chrome” is given below with different methods so let’s get started without waiting.

How to fix YouTube Error 400 With Different Ways?

Here, we have some different methods for a tackle with YouTube Error 400. Hence, follow each step wisely and you should be able to fix the error by the end of this article.

1#: Check YouTube URL Is Correct

The YouTube 400 error mostly occurs when you enter an incorrect URL request. However, if we type a wrong URL on the web browser which makes HTTP status code to return an error 400. That’s why we suggest the users go and check out that you have entered the correct URL or wrong. If you’re finding that the URL is correct, then you can go to proceed with the second method.

2#: Clear Cookies And Cache From your Web Browser

This step mostly working on the YouTube 400 error problem for many users. Follow the steps to clear cookies from your browser.

1: First of all open your web browser such as if you have Google Chrome.

2: Then, open the Settings, and tap on “Privacy and Security “option,

3: Now, you can see the “Clear browsing data “option click on it.

4: Next, Uncheck everything except “Cookies and other site data“.

5: Click on “Clear Browsing Data,” close your browser completely and then reopen it.

6: Now, Check your YouTube is working properly, otherwise, go to the next step.

3#: Delete the Cookies Only for YouTube

If you didn’t want to clear all the cookies, cache or history files. So, we have the other solution that you have to delete your YouTube history and reset account because most of the users have fixed the YouTube 400 error by this method. Follow the steps for how to delete cookies in your browser.

1: Firstly, open the Google Chrome browser and click on the Menu tab at the top right corner.

2: Then, Go to the Settings options -> Advanced setting -> Site settings -> select Cookies option.

3: Next, In the Cookies section, click on see “all cookies and site data.”

4: Here, you can see a search bar where you have to type “YouTube” then all the YouTube cookies will be displayed.

5: After that, click on the “Remove All” option to delete all the cookies related to YouTube.

6: Now, close your browser and restart the PC, and then start YouTube again to check the error exists or not.

4#: Uninstall Web Browser And Reinstall It

If any of the above methods didn’t work and still you face the “YouTube 400 error”, then try out to uninstall your web browser and reinstall the browser that you are using to watch YouTube. This one is the full stop solution for this error. So, we suggest in uninstalling and Reinstalling browser will help for sure to remove all the external files that corrupt browser files. Check the below steps to uninstall the browser.

1: For uninstall your web browser Go to Control Panel –> Programs –> Programs and Features–> Uninstall a program

2: Then, you have to find the web browser that you want to uninstall and right-click on it and then choose the Uninstall option.

Final Words

Here, these are the most helpful and best methods to fix the YouTube 400 error. Do you have any suggestions and queries related to this article? Then let us know in the comment section below.


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