How to Block popup when YouTube keeps Pausing

YouTube Video keeps Pausing

Live Streaming through YouTube can be very frustrating sometimes if the video will be pausing suddenly. If your video playback on YouTube is irregular or not progress past a few minutes of time, then you can try to change your video settings or maybe browser settings if needed. One more important thing is you may have problems with your PC’s hardware or network settings which you can correct by going there.

What Happened actually?

If you want to know that “Why does YouTube keep Pausing video”, So here is the brief about,Recently Google has updated some features for YouTube with kind of a new prompt that shows up over a video whenever the user is in idle mode for some time.

The YouTube video will automatically be paused and the user has to require resuming. “Video paused. Continue watching?” the notification will appear on the screen, and users are required to click as “YES” to continue playing the YouTube video.

While we would like to say a little bit about this new feature, its goal is as Google wants to reduce the number of inactive viewers who load very long videos, like Audio songs, and then let them play in the background.

So technically, the type of users enjoys the perks of YouTube but get some ads by not opening the website.

By introducing the alert prompt that requires standard manual input from the users, And right after that YouTube makes sure that users would like to continue to interact with the page.

So, In the case of YouTube, Google does not provide users with any method of disabling this way, so in this case, pretty much everyone could get the notification from the YouTube when playing longer videos in the background or playlists of YouTube.

What’s the solution to get rid out of this?

It’s typically happening with such changes like you can do disable them even if Google does not allow, and it’s everything possible through extensions available for the bot widely used browser Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

So using that Extension you can get rid out from “YouTube Video keeps Pausing”. In both browser extensions called YouTube Nonstop s available and you can download it and one important thing is developed by the same developer.

The extension does not come with any specific UI, so it is enough to simply install it and then enjoy YouTube without any interference. One thing you should keep it in mind, however, by downloading this extension you cannot block the YouTube message from popping up over the screen, as the developer explains in the description below.

“This extension does not hold the confirmation box from appearing. It only counters it. Such as not pausing the video when it’s already paused and auto-clicking the confirmation box as well.”

“Worn out of getting that popup “Video paused. Continue watching?”confirmation dialog? This extension will do auto clicks it on behalf of you, so you can listen to your favorite music without any disturbance,” it adds.

Unnecessary to say that, the extension is absolutely free of cost, and it works with both YouTube and YouTube Music. It supports video in full screen and the mini player as well.

One more important thing is, this isn’t the only extension that blocks the YouTube alert from popping up around the globe, but YouTube Nonstop is free, easy to use, and is available for both browser Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Some kind of same extensions has been around the world for a while and still, Google has not blocked yet, so there’s must be a chance the search engine like Google OK with all this and has no purpose to eliminate that type of extension in future.

Final Words:

Here is knowledge about why YouTube keeps Pausing Video while we playing. And what’s solution to get rid out from this Video Pausing in between when we playing any long song mix. So, now you can enjoy by reading this useful article and enjoying playing long mix YouTube video without any disturbance.